Requesting and issuing a National ID card is a totally different procedure than other national documents and takes longer to process. After you request your ID, the government will attempt to check on your address to verify its accuracy. Additionally, all National ID cards are issued from the EBC’s Central Electoral Office in Port of Spain.

Every electoral district is assigned a Registration Office where all eligible voters must report to handle issues relating to their National ID Card.

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Get a First Time Card

When you are getting your National ID Card for the fist time you will need to bring your Birth Certificate.

Renew an Expired Card

If your ID Card has expired or is within 3 months of expiring, it is important to get it renewed before the upcoming election. Simply bring your current National ID card to your local office and request a new card. If you name has changed, make sure to bring documentation of your name change, such as a Marriage Certificate or a Deed Poll.

Replace a Lost or Damaged Card

Replacing a damaged card is a simple matter. Simply head over to your local office with the damaged card and request a new one.

If your card was lost or destroyed beyond recognition, you will need to visit a police station and make report regarding the missing card. Bring your paperwork from the Police Station to the Registration Area Office, where you will be interviewed and provided with Form A-71 and voucher. You will have to fill out the form in the presence of a Commissioner of Affidavits that the card was lost.

Take the voucher you received from he Registration Office and bring it to the a Revenue Officer with the payment for the missing card. The replacement cost for a lost or stolen card is $10 for the first replacement and $20 for the second replacement. Collect your receipt and take it along with the voucher back to the Registration Office. You will receive a letter from the Registration Office authorizing you to collect your National ID card when it is ready.

 Change of Address

To change your registered address, you just need to go to the appropriate Registration Office and notify them of your relocation. A new card does need to be issued for a change of address.

Change of Name

If you change your name, you will have to notify your local Registration Office in order to update the Commission’s records and to get a ID Card issued with your new name. Make sure to bring your current ID card and either the Marriage Certificate or the Deed Poll with you as proof of your name change. You will have to surrender your old card.